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Welcome to Horse Professional

Horse Professional was established in 2009 by Jennifer Stephen and Dr Kevin Corley.

Horse Professional

Horse Professional is part of Vet Professionals Ltd - an organisation dedicated to providing specialist veterinary care and advice to owners, animal professionals and veterinary surgeons. Click here to see our sister sites for other species.

Horse Professional provides the following services:

  • Publications: Horse Professional is developing a series of high quality books on aspects of horse and foal care. The books will be available to download as a PDF or in hard copy format and are designed to be understood by horse owners and veterinary professionals alike. To see our current list of publications, please click here.
  • Information: Horse Professional also publishes a range of free-to-download articles and technical guides. Click here for more information
  • Clinical trials: Horse professional conducts clinical research via data submitted to the Horse Professional website. The data collected is used to write publications which aim to help horses in the future. Registered owners can choose to take part in long term clinical studies and trials of new treatments.
  • Specialist services: Click here for more information on lectures given and other consultancy work.
  • Specialist equine clinics: Horse professional offers telephone advice to veterinary professionals. Appointments for personal consultations can also be arranged. Click here for further information.