Specialist Services

Cat Professional offers lectures and training to cat owners and veterinary professionals around the world.

Areas of interest include:

  • All aspects of feline medicine with special interests in:
    • Feline kidney disease
    • Feline hypertension (high blood pressure)
    • Care of geriatric cats
    • Feline infectious diseases
  • Providing a ‘cat friendly’ veterinary practice
  • Gentle handling and restraint of feline patients

Contact Cat Professional if you wish to discuss specialist lectures or training on feline matters.


Cat Professional achieved a UK first during June 2009 with the launch of specialist geriatric cat clinics. The clinics, which are held at the Royal Dick Small Animal Hospital in Edinburgh, aim to provide senior cats and their owners with a full report following a detailed ‘MOT’.  Dr Sarah Caney is keen that cat owners maintain the relationship with their existing vet, therefore appointments are by referral only and a copy of each report will also be sent to the referring vet to ensure continuity of treatment.

Cats who attend the clinics will be assessed with the following tests:

  • Detailed history taking: Dr Caney will collect information on your cat and any symptoms of ill health they may have. The history is a vital part of the assessment and in complicated cases this can take 30 minutes to collect.
  • Clinical examination: Your cat will be examined from top to toe paying particular attention to areas that can be affected by geriatric illnesses. For example, a detailed eye examination may reveal evidence of high blood pressure (systemic hypertension) - often referred to as ‘the silent killer’ since many affected patients show no external signs of illness.
  • Blood pressure assessment: High blood pressure (systemic hypertension) is common in older cats and is a cause of serious complications such as blindness, stroke and even death.  Blood pressure measurement involves similar techniques to those used in people and this is a procedure which only takes a few minutes to perform in the consulting room. High blood pressure is treatable with oral medications.
  • Urine analysis: Illnesses such as kidney failure and diabetes mellitus (‘sugar diabetes’) are common in older cats and can be identified via urine testing. Samples can be collected with the cat at home or in the clinic and for many tests, the results are available instantly.

Each appointment will last between 30 and 45 minutes and is charged at £72.  These appointments are relevant for any cats aged 10 or over.  Most health problems experienced by senior cats can be promptly identified and effectively treated, thus giving cat-owners longer with their much-loved pet as well as an enhanced quality of life for the cat in question. 

Common problems experienced by older cats include kidney disease, thyroid problems, arthritis, dental disease and high blood pressure.  Statistics show that over one third of cats over the age of 15 have kidney disease, however recent treatment advances mean that many cats are able to live for YEARS following diagnosis and successful treatment

Clinic appointments are by referral only, however owners who are interested can download a referral form here which they can take to their vet for completion. For further information on the clinics please email info@catprofessional.com or phone 0131 440 9029.

To reserve an appointment (at a cost of £72.00), please phone or email us.  We will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time and date.)

How to find us

* Additional tests such as blood and detailed urine tests will carry additional charges.  Additional tests will only be carried out when necessary and with full consent from the owner after discussion.

Telephone referral information

Cat Professional offers telephone advice to pet owners. This service includes an initial one hour telephone consultation, production of a detailed report for owners and their vet and one follow-up phone consultation. This referral procedure costs £250+VAT (£300 in total). Further support is available at an additional fee. Pet owners wishing to pursue this option should follow these steps:

  • Step 1: obtain permission from your vet to obtain a telephone consultation with Dr Sarah Caney.
  • Step 2: ask your vet to fax or email all of your cat’s clinical records (including copies of original laboratory reports, where applicable) to Dr Sarah Caney: fax +44 1317778025; email: info@vetprofessionals.com
  • Step 3: contact Vet Professionals to confirm the request for a telephone consultation and to pay for this service. Payment can be made using a credit or debit card or a paypal account. A date and time (usually within one week of making the request) can then be made for a mutually convenient time.

Telephone referrals may be covered by Pet Insurance – owners are recommended to contact their insurers first, as appropriate.

Feeback from previous recipients of this service:


Clinical trials

Cat Professional conducts clinical research via data submitted to the Cat Professional website. The data collected is used to write publications which aim to help cats in the future. Registered owners can choose to take part in long-term clinical studies and trials of new treatments.

Click here to register your cat/s.

Cat Professional also assists other companies with designing and running Clinical Trials. Contact Cat Professional if you would like to discuss future clinical trials.

Consultancy work

Cat Professional provides advice to veterinary professionals including those in the pharmaceutical and petfood industries. We provide specialist reports, advice on product delivery and design and on marketing strategies.

Contact Cat Professional if you would like to discuss this.

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