Useful Websites

General cat advice:

International Cat Care (Formerly The Feline Advisory Bureau)

The Blue Cross

Cats Protection

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

American Association of Feline Practitioners

Vet Help Direct – visit this site if you are concerned about your cat and would like immediate advice on whether (and how soon) they need to see a vet

Animal Oracle – ‘Advice from vets for pets’:  Animal Oracle aims to help conscientious owners anticipate medical disorders earlier.

Choosing a veterinary practice:

Information on kidney disease:

Cornell Feline Health Center information on kidney disease

General information on lower urinary tract disease information on a product which is effective in removing residual smells of cat urine. Available in the UK through

Soiling indoors

ICC fact sheet on FLUTD

Cornell feline Health Center information on FLUTD

General information on care of blind cats is a useful article to read by the Cats Protection charity  This is a forum for owners of cats with handicaps, and there are some discussions on blind cats which you can join. is a website of a rescue centre and sanctuary for blind cats in North Carolina.  is the official website for the Disabled Animals Club

Managing overweight cats:

Specific information on managing overweight cats:

Hill’s Pet Nutrition for information on making private feeding stations in multicat homes

Information on care of indoor cats:

Indoor cat initiative: 

Information on fencing gardens and making cat enclosures – this company provide enclosures to keep your cat safe when outdoors. They also make ramps which would be very useful to allow the more hesitant blind cats to still enjoy their perches on windowsills, your bed etc. is a website of a company providing cat enclosures. These allow your blind cat to be happy and safe outdoors, and the company operates in both the UK and the USA.

International Cat Care on fencing gardens

ProtectaPet offer installation services for cat fences and cat enclosures or all their components are available to buy for DIY enthusiasts in their online shop: – this is a UK based company that produces innovative fence extensions that prevent cats from getting a paw hold and hence being able to get out of (or into) the fenced garden.

Giving subcutaneous fluids to your cat

Bereavement support

Blue Cross

International Cat Care

How to introduce a new kitten to your resident cat

Feline behaviour and enriching your cat's life

Vicky Halls

The Indoor Pet Initiative

International Cat Care (Formerly The Feline Advisory Bureau)

The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

Celia Haddon

Trudi Atkinson

Miscellaneous links

The disabled animals club

International Cat Care for more information on catnip and its effects on cats

International Cat Care for more information on poisonous plants in the home and garden and generally

International Cat Care for more information on moving house with a cat

Cat Breeds at - an online veterinary dispensary which supplies a range of prescription and non-prescription products