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Cat Professional is pleased to offer a range of free-to-download articles, technical guides and video tutorials for professionals and cat owners. The videos appear with kind permission of Novartis Animal Health.

Vet Articles

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Diagnosis & Management of CKD in Cats: Advertorial published in Vet Times, November 2016

Potassium supplementation: an 800 word article discussing the use of potassium supplements for cats with renal disease.

Pyelonephritis case report: a 700 word article featuring a Havana cat with bacterial pyelonephritis.

Cystocentesis in cats: A guide for veterinary professionals. This short slide presentation comprises a step by step guide to collection of sterile urine samples from cats.

Also available in French:

French La cystocentèse chez le Chat

Doppler blood pressure measurement in conscious cats: A guide for veterinary professionals. This slide presentation comprises a step by step guide to measurement and interpretation of Doppler blood pressure readings in conscious cats and was updated in June 2012.

Also available in French and Spanish:
French  Mesure de la pression artérielle par la méthode Doppler sur des chats vigiles
Spanish  Presión arterial medida con Doppler en gatos conscientes

Ocular manifestations of systemic hypertension: A guide for veterinary professionals. This slide presentation outlines how to assess cats for the presence of hypertensive retinopathy/choroidopathy.

Osteoarthritis in cats: an article discussing diagnosis and treatment of this common condition. The article was originally printed in the SPVS Review 2008 and is available here with the kind permission of Scorpio Publishing.

Examination of the feline eye and adnexa: an article by Professor Sheila Crispin, originally published in the EJCAP, and included with her kind permission.

FLUTD: the role of stones and crystals: an article discussing diagnosis and treatment of FLUTD, focussing on stones and crystals. The article was originally printed in The Veterinarian, a publication sponsored by Eukanuba Veterinary Diets, and is available here with their kind permission.

Also available in:

German German: Erkrankungen der unteren Harnwege der Katze: Bedeutung von Harnsteinen und –kristallen
French French: Les maladies du bas appareil urinaire du chat : le rôle des calculs et des cristaux
Italian Italian: Malattie delle vie urinarie inferiori del gatto: ruolo di uroliti e cristalli
Dutch Dutch: Lagere urinewegaandoeningen bij de kat: de rol van urolieten en kristallen
Portuguese Portuguese:  FLUTD - Doença do Trato Urinário Baixo nos Felinos: O papel dos urólitos e cristais
Spanish Spanish: Enfermedad de las vías urinarias bajas en felinos: el papel de los urolitos y cristales

Hyperthyroid Survey Summary: An online survey to determine owner experiences and opinions on the management of their hyperthyroid cats using oral anti-thyroid medications.

Managing renal disease: proceedings from an educational tour hosted by Eukanuba Veterinary Diets and where Dr Sarah Caney was a Speaker in Norway, 2014

Triaditis in the cat: proceedings from an educational tour hosted by Eukanuba Veterinary Diets and where Dr Penny Watson was a Speaker in Norway, 2014

A joint approach to the orthopaedic patient: proceedings from an  educational tour hosted by Eukanuba Veterinary Diets where David Morgan and Rob Pettitt were speakers in Norway, 2013

Chronic pancreatitis in the dog
: proceedings from an  educational tour hosted by Eukanuba Veterinary Diets and where David Morgan and Dr Penny Watson were speakers in Norway, 2013

SpanishLibro Ponencias Sarah Caney: Notes in Spanish from a one day course on diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease held in Madrid and Barcelona, October 2015. Notes kindly sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and Royal Canin. Contents include:

1. La Clínica Amable con los Gatos: consejos para una práctica clínica exitosa
2. Diagnóstico y manejo de la hipertensión sistémica
3. Diagnóstico precoz y evaluación de los pacientes renales
4. Manejo óptimo de la Enfermedad Renal Crónica

FAQs about Hyperthyroidism in Cats: Veterinary Bulletin

Video tutorials aimed at veterinary professionals

Video: Successful long-term care of feline kidney disease: a video-lecture given by Dr Sarah Caney, recorded in October 2012.

Click here to access the lecture.



Video: Talking CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) with Sarah Caney

Part 1 - Diagnosis

Part 2 - Management


Video: Indirect ophthalmoscopy as a technique for identifying hypertensive ocular changes (for vets)


Video: Urine collection by cystocentesis (for vets)


Articles and technical guides aimed at cat owners

Giving subcutaneous fluids to your cat: a 3000 word illustrated article showing you, step by step how to give subcutaneous fluids to your cat at home. This is one treatment that may be recommended for cats with kidney failure.

Wobbly kittens: a 1500 word article discussing the causes and diagnosis of ataxia (a wobbly gait) in young cats.

Home care of cats with renal disease: an article discussing owner-care of cats with chronic renal failure. The article was originally printed in the SPVS Review 2007 and is available here with the kind permission of Scorpio Publishing.

Encouraging your cat to take in more fluids: A guide for cat owners. This slide presentation outlines measures that can be taken to encourage your cat to drink more water and take in more fluids with their food. The presentation contains a series of easy to follow practical tips which are especially helpful for cats with kidney disease or lower urinary tract disease.

Spanish Also available in Spanish: ‘Animando a su gato a beber más líquidos’.

German Also available in German: ‘Wie man eine Katze dazu animiert, mehr Flüssigkeit aufzunehmen’

Understanding feline arthritis: an article written by Feline Specialist Samantha Taylor in which the causes, clinical signs and management of arthritic cats is discussed.

Owners Guide to Urine collection: An owner’s guide to urine collection and analysis. This slide presentation illustrates how to collect a urine sample from your cat at home and tells you about typical analysis performed by your veterinarian. Collection and analysis of urine samples is especially helpful in cats with kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus and urinary problems. The author recommends routine urine collection and analysis in all cats over the age of 7 years in order to look for common health problems which can be helped with treatment.

Video tutorials aimed at cat owners

Video: Hills 10 Tips to help relieve your cat's stress

Video: Talking CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) with Sarah Caney - information for cat owners

Video: Tips for administering oral medications to cats (for cat owners) 




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